A celebration of British

A full English breakfast should be more than a cheap fry-up after a heavy night of drinking. With the right ingredients, it should be a great start to the day and more importantly, it should suit multiple diets. Here is why we think ours is special

Vegan delights

If you have a restrictive diet and find it hard to eat out, look no further!

Our vegan mushroom stack will even tempt non-vegans looking for a healthy breakfast.

Fascinating flatbreads

We have had so much fun designing a flatbread menu. Cooked to order, we have a small selection of regular flatbreads (see menu) with other combinations making a guest appearance.

Gluten-free & egg-free pancakes

Hard to believe, but yes it is possible to have fluffy American pancakes that contain no gluten or eggs. This recipe was created by the lovely Talya, a creative chef who was in the UK for a short time before heading off to the Swiss slopes to work as a private chef.