Fascinating flatbreads

We have had so much fun designing a flatbread menu. Cooked to order, we have a small selection of regular flatbreads (see menu) with other combinations making a guest appearance.

Some of our guest flatbreads include:

  • Breakfast (bacon & eggs) flatbread
  • Smoked mackerel & beetroot with a creamy horseradish sauce

Gluten-free & egg-free pancakes

Hard to believe, but yes it is possible to have fluffy American pancakes that contain no gluten or eggs. This recipe was created by the lovely Talya, a creative chef who was in the UK for a short time before heading off to the Swiss slopes to work as a private chef.

One bite and you’ll find it hard to believe it’s not a regular pancake. Without eggs, it has a lower fat content than normal and those with intolerances to gluten or eggs and enjoy the delights of pancake paradise :).

Summer berries, banana, bacon or maple syrup – what’s your flavour?

A celebration of British

A full English breakfast should be more than a cheap fry-up after a heavy night of drinking. With the right ingredients, it should be a great start to the day and more importantly, it should suit multiple diets. Here is why we think ours is special:

We use British free-range meat

  • We buy our meats from our friendly neighbourhood butcher, the lovely folk at Stentons
  • Our bacon is British and free-range from the award winning producers at Packington
  • Our Old English sausage and our chipolata is made for us by Stentons using British free-range pork with 97-98% meat content. The remaining 2-3% is gluten-free

We cater for gluten-free

  • We have a separate toaster for gluten-free bread and our meats and hash browns contain no gluten making this ideal for those with a gluten allergy or intolerance
  • Remember to let our staff know if you have an allergy and we will do our best to eliminate the risk of contamination

Our breads are artisan

  • It may look like an ordinary tinned loaf but there are no additives or flouring agents in our breads, just flour, yeast and water
  • Our breads are proofed for a minimum of 24 hours before baking, resulting in a loaf that is easier to digest without the bloating effect of quick rising breads

Vegetarians like a full English too

  • With the large range or meat-free alternatives, we see no reason why a vegetarian full English shouldn’t contain the same ingredients minus the meat
  • We use Quorn sausages but as this contains gluten, the vegetarian breakfast is not have a gluten-free option. See our vegan breakfast instead

Our eggs are free-range

  • We serve our breakfast with poached eggs with a slightly runny yolk as standard
  • Please let us know if you would prefer your eggs more set or if you would prefer them fried

Add to your five-a-day

  • With the tomatoes, beans and mushrooms, this breakfast will provide you with 2-2.5 portions of your five-a-day

And the best news…

We are now serving breakfast until 2pm!

Home-cooked food and hand-roasted coffee in the heart of Brackenbury Village

We will soon be offering weekend deliveries but while we make changes to the site, we cannot fulfil any orders. Dismiss